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Disneyland Report

Posted by Brian on September 25, 2003

Spent all day Monday with my girlfriend at the Magic Kingdom in Anaheim. Here's my report:

  • As someone mentioned in the comments section below, several of the rides were down. Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Railroad, and the Haunted Mansion were all closed for repairs or refurbishings. Now, the fact that the first two were closed didn't bother me too much. It was a bummer that Big Thunder was closed, but seeing as how some poor guy died on the ride a few weeks ago, understandable. But not being able to visit the Haunted Mansion was a huge let-down. It's a great ride, and I was sure it would have scared the hell out of my girlfriend. But unfortunately, they were doing some work on it for a special Halloween theme. Lame…
  • Tomorrowland was totally revamped. There was some Star Wars ride that could have been fun, but those stationary rides that simulate movement through a large-screen projection and having the "car" swivel around on an axis (such as the Back to the Future ride at Universal Studios) get me really sick. Also new was something called Innoventions, but we didn't bother with it.
  • Two of my favorite rides from my childhood were gone: the submarine ride and that goofy sci-fi ride that shrunk you down to the size of an atom. I had heard earlier that the submarine ride was gone, so I figured they had built something else in its place. But to my surpise, the water is still there, with all the fake fish and other undersea floura and fauna still in the "ocean." The other ride I missed wasn't all that exciting, but it was fun and you rarely had to wait in line for very long.
  • Among the newer rides, the Indiana Jones ride was by far the best. It was one of the first rides we hit in the morning, so we didn't have to wait very long to board. It was great… a ride in a safari jeep deep into a cave with Indie watching your back.
  • Toontown was fun, but home to what must be the ride with the worst wait-time to ride-time ratio in the world: the Go Coaster, I think it was called. We must have waited close to 30 minutes for a ride that took about a minute and 15 seconds. My girlfriend wanted to ride it… not me.
  • Many of the classics remained though: The Pirates of the Caribean, It's a Small World, the Matterhorn… these rides were great the last time I visited Disneyland 14 years ago, and they're still great today.
  • Maybe it's because my legs are longer, but the park seemed smaller than I remember it. As a kid, the place was vast, and my friends and I would spend a lot of time just running around the park from place to place. We would be there from early morning to late at night, and we always left feeling like we missed something. But on Monday, I was suprised at just how quickly we could walk from one end to the other.

I'll be returning to Seattle tonight and should be able to resume my usual blogging tomorrow morning. I've missed a lot of news and need to catch up.


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