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Response to Drambuie Man

Posted by Brian on October 26, 2003

Drambuie Man writes:

This paragraph actually has a direct contradiction. Chait claims, “Most Americans approved of Clinton’s policies”. If that was the case, why did the election come down to “faulty ballots in Florida”? If the populace was so approving of Clinton’s policies, why was the polling for Gore so bad? If the populace was so approving of Clinton’s policies why was there “The monomania of a third-party spoiler candidate”? It stands to reason that if they public was so content with Clinton’s policies they would vote for the hand picked successor, or in a manner more supportive of such policies.

I have a couple of explanations:

  • A lot of Democrats will tell you Gore ran a lousy campaign. Especially bad was his decision to run away from the Clinton record rather than embrace it. Take away the Monica problem and Clinton would have been able to spend a lot more time on the road campaigning for Gore.
  • The media didn’t like Gore. While Gore couldn’t give the time without some media egghead fact-checker rushing out to check the veracity of his claim, Bush was given free license to make all sorts of outlandish remarks that the media let slide. Margaret Carlson from Time even said busting Gore’s balls over the “whoppers” he made was “entertaining” to the media. So much for balanced media coverage.
  • Remember, Gore won the popular vote. So in a sense, the American public did vote for Clinton’s successor. But Gore was a victim of Clinton’s success (and his failures), as Clinton’s widespread appeal was largely due to his centrist nature. Unhappy with a “traitor” in their ranks, the idealistic far-left splintered off and ended up giving 2.7 million crucial votes to Nader.
  • And let’s not forget the shady business that went on in the murky election swamps of Florida. With crooked “scrub lists,” corrupt as fuck Diebold voting machines, and other voting irregularities stinking up the election process, Bush’s win in Florida is questionable at best (personally, I’m convinced Gore, and the American people, were robbed).

In short, I don’t see a contradiction. Clinton’s policies were popular, but Gore’s bad campaign, the biased media, Nader’s insurgency, and the malfeasance in Florida all worked against Gore and in favor of Dubya. End result: Dubya wins…


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