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Four More Years

Posted by Brian on November 5, 2004

I appreciate Howard Dean trying to talk progressives back from the ledge, but I am having a hard time seeing that I will be off that ledge anytime before 2008. Four more years. A triumphant Bush with command of the Congress, pushing through judges, raping the environment, ignoring the poor and uninsured, going on more foreign adventures.

Four more years.

I am sick to my stomach, literally sick. I hate this man, this president. And what I hate most of all, I suppose, is that I am sharing a country with nearly 60 million people who look at this disaster of an administration, and think it’s a good thing. Us intellectual liberal types aren’t supposed to say it, but let’s pretend I’m Ann Coulter for the left: How fucking stupid are those people? And why in God’s name should I, and my children, be punished because they’re so fucking stupid?

You know what you Republicans can do with your smirking, snide, Schadenfreude calls for “reaching out” and “working together”? You can shove ’em where the sun don’t shine. You beat us, battered us, abused us, lied, cheated, stole, and now you want us to play fair and nicey-nice? Well, forget it. We didn’t declare this culture war, baby, but we’re sure going to finish it.

I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I’m not backing away from the ledge any time soon.

Doug Moran


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