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Fox and Friends

Posted by Brian on January 17, 2005

So I’m at home watching some Fox morning talk show when the topic turns to the recent report that said Iraq has now become a “a magnet for international terrorist activity.” One of the hosts, some blonde chick, takes the flypaper theory and runs with it, suggesting that somehow it’s better for our miltary to be engaged with terrorists there then here. I found her demeanor to be quite chilling when she said this, as the thought that Iraqi people – men, women, children, families – have to live in the crossfire there never seemed to cross her mind.

Yes, Iraq is the central front in the war on terror… because we made it that way. And there are a lot of innocent Iraqis dying as a result. Be patient? Sure, my life is pretty comfy… I have plenty of time. But I’m more worried about the kids over there… time is not a luxury for them.

Later, on the same Fox show, there was a funny moment that reminded me of John Stewart’s eruption on Crossfire last year. They invited two guests, representatives of the right and left, of course, to debate Bush’s inauguration ball and its cost in the wake of the recent tsunami disaster. They ask the guy on the left to give his spin, and he, no doubt disappointing the hosts and his political opponent, says that the Bush team has every right to spend their money on the event and that calls to cancel or downgrade the event are just silly. Following his comments, they cut to commercial, and when they return, tell us that the guy on the right wants to respond. He then, as if the guy on the left never said a thing, starts attacking the left for making unrealistic demands on the President. He then goes on to say more or less the same thing that the other guy had already said.

It’s a perfect example of the mindless sort of point and counterpoint that passes as political discussion nowadays on TV. It also reminded me of some of the attacks that take place here, where people attack “the right” and “the left” and not actual arguments (hey, I’m probably quilty of this myself).


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