m a r k a n d e y a

Not again…

Posted by Brian on January 17, 2005

Just what the world needs… another Korean singer-turned-actor. here’s pop slut Lee Hyo-ri:

“I was not sure about my talent as a singer and such skepticism drove me to find something new that could challenge me, which turned out to be acting.”

Notice that whenever a Korean entertainer seeks a new challenge, they simply move from oneĀ area of the entertainment industry for another. You have actors-turned-singers; singers-turned-actors; models-turned-actors; actors-turned-models; singers-turned-actors-turned models; and as many other possible permutations that you can think of. In what is a most egregious abuse of the word, Korena entertainers are “multi-talented,” meaning they do a variety of things (sing, act) poorly yet look good enough while doing so to retain their popularity. I guess the idea of doing something new and challenging that doesn’t involve getting a hefty paycheck just doesn’t register in their little heads.

And what’s the huge challenge that she speaks of:

Lee is making her acting debut in the new drama “Three Leaf Clover (Seibkulobo),” set to premiere next Monday on SBS. In it, she will play Kang Jin-ah, a factory worker who is positive and strong-willed despite her poor family background and many hardships.

Wow… she’s playing a young girl who is “positive and strong-willed despite her poor family background and many hardships.” What a fucking cliche…


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