m a r k a n d e y a


Posted by Brian on January 21, 2005

I’m not a very good writer, so, more often than not, I find others putting my thoughts into words much better than I could myself. Here’s one such case. Eric Alterman writes:

What is one to say about today?  To the horror of its well-wishers across the world, the United States—once the “last, best hope of mankind”- is re-inaugurating the worst president in its history; one who has exploited an attack, the success of which its own incompetence helped enable, in order to execute an extremist agenda that is killing thousands, costing trillions and leaving all of us far more insecure than when it began.  Before November 2, we could argue it was all a mistake; the guy ran as a “compassionate conservative,” misrepresented his record, Nader screwed everything up, and we actually voted for Gore anyway.  It took the  Republicans on the Supreme Court—two of whom were appointed by the guy’s dad—to stick the country with this regime filled with ideological fanatics and corrupt incompetents.  Now, what are we to say?  Fifty-nine million members of our nation do not mind that we were deliberately misled into a war that has drained our blood and treasure to create nothing but hatred and chaos; and that the very people who were at fault have been rewarded and promoted, encouraged to look for new targets to spread their hubristic malevolence.  It defies all logic and truthfully, my ability to explain or even fully understand it.  One thing is for certain: Based on an virtually unanimous unwillingness to consider its past mistakes and learn from them, things are going to get far, far worse before they get better.  Thousands more will die.  (Twenty six yesterday.)  Trillions more will be squandered.  Millions more will grow to hate and revile the name of the United States of America and prepare to attack us in ways for which our government is resolutely unwilling to prepare.  Avoidable catastrophe awaits this nation and its victims during the next four years as we will undoubtedly reap what we have sown.

I was talking to my grandfather today about the inauguration. He was at a doctor’s office in Bakersfield, CA (I’m guessing a red part of California, and my birth place as well [no jokes, please, DM]), waiting in the lobby, and they had the event showing on TV for the people there. He said most of the people were simply enthralled with the event, while he himself, quite deliberately, sat with his back to the TV while as did a crossword puzzle. He also said he was ready to exchange words with anyone that questioned his lack of interest in the event. Go Grandpa!


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