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“Our People…”

Posted by Brian on February 21, 2005

Via Daily Kos

Our very own Secretary of Education:

Ms. Spellings said that Senator Orrin G. Hatch had invited her to Utah and she expressed eagerness to visit there. “These are Republicans,” she said. “These are our people.”

I’m disgusted that people in the White House, from the Chimpster-in-chief on down to his lackeys like Margaret Spelling can get away with such divisive rhetoric. “These are our people,” huh? I suppose that means that the kids in the blue states that didn’t vote for Bush can go and get fucked sideways. How compassionate…

Of course, I should be quite accustomed to this kind of offensive behavior by the wackos in this administration, but having the faith I have in the good qualities of my country means I end up getting pissed off and/or disappointed on an almost daily basis.

And really… don’t try to defend this kind of talk because it’s about as un-American as un-American can get. “Our people” should refer to every single American citizen around the globe… but that’s now become a quaint memory of days gone by. 

Fuck this administration…


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