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Why is 1TYM so angry?

Posted by Brian on December 28, 2005

So I’m at the gym doing my daily routine: an hour on the treadmill while I watch the TV in front of me. I usually watch CSI, but today it was Korean MTV and its assortment of ridiculous videos (with the sound turned down, of course).

After watching three straight videos of girly boys beating up other girly boys for the love of a woman, a 1TYM video came on. For those not cool enough to know, 1TYM is part of the YG Family (that is, Young Gangster Family Entertainment), a bargain-bin version of the Wu-Tang and their extended clan (they even have a member who goes by the moniker of Master Wu).

Anyway, their video (didn’t catch the song title) blew me away for its inspired ability to cram nearly every single American gangster rap cliche into one 3 minute video. There were guns everywhere… shotguns, pistols, automatic weapons. There were bouncing cars, angry looks, bandanas tied up to cover faces (getting ready to pull a drive-by, I suppose), and one member of the group had HATE tattooed on his knuckles. Needless to say, they looked like clowns (it was even more amusing because there was a pleasant “Merry Christmas” graphic incongruously placed on the upper right of the screen).

So I’m watching this, and two things come to mind. First, why are these guys so angry? Did their moms cut their Saebae pocket money allowance? And second, how on earth could any sane person watch such a video and not come to the conclusion that they are the biggest bunch of wannabe poseurs to ever pick up a mic? What group of Korean consumers buys into this kind of shit?

And at the risk of sounding like an old fart, I think the YG Family deserves to be criticized for introducing this sort of gun-toting gangsta posturing to the Korean music scene. Besides being blatantly silly, its an entirely unnecessary aspect of American hip-hop that didn’t need to be imported.


8 Responses to “Why is 1TYM so angry?”

  1. FIRST!!!


    I have found that the videos are even better (read: funnier) with the sound off than on. I honestly cannot fathom how they could possibly not realize what a collective bunch of Grade-A Government-Certified jackassess they look like.

  2. Jeff, if you were at all knowledgable of left-wing blogging conventions, you would know that the proper comment to make is “Frist!” 🙂

    Thanks for the comments…


  3. Cynthia said

    1TYM is one of my favorite groups, lol. Perhaps they are angry because their latest CD is their last one for the time being. One of the members has to serve his required time in the service. I would be angry too. I haven’t seen this latest video, but I have to agree, many of the Korean videos are as bad as the American ones. However, as far as hip hop goes, I think their music is great, and I am an old fart too.

  4. Brian said

    Well, judging from their prowess with small arms as displayed in their video, he should do fine in the army:)

  5. […] The list of people disappointed by Dr. Hwang continues to grow longer and longer. Now, it’s the children, who finally had someeone to look up to who wasn’t an athlete, prima-donna entertainer, or gun-toting wannabe-gangster rapper. From the Korea Times: Until last year, Shin Chul, an eight-year-old elementary student, wanted to be a diplomat when he grew up. […]

  6. queen said

    that’s probably one of the only “angry” videos you’ll see from them… their other videos are pretty funny/laid back. that particular song is actually about rumors constantly spread about the group, and it was their way of retaliating back, with each member of the group having a mini-biography verse. i thought it was pretty interesting how such a group can go from “pop hip hop” to “gangsta hip hop” in the same album.

    …besides, taebin looks cute angry ;P haha.

  7. Lindsey said

    actually im a big fan of yg entertainment and of 1tym..and just to say they are NOT a bunch of wannabe posuers there actually very talented..you should just take the time to listen to them and also i do buy that kind of stuff so dont be makin rude comments about it..

  8. FLAWA said

    o hell no, no one be talkin rotten ass about my fav band group u talk wreckless and bet u worthless don’t talk about 1tym like that YG FAMILY FO LIFE (:
    now go smack yourself they did that to try different style they ain’t no old fashion boring asses like you prob wearing same style since when u were 12 and they ain’t wannabes u think they are and talking shit about em go up to them they the yg family will smack your lil hating ass back to your mama’s *********** MUFUCKA

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