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Private Won

Posted by Brian on January 7, 2006

Via the Chosun Ilbo, it seems the super-groovy Won bin has volunteered for a front-line position along the DMZ:

Superstar Won Bin has finished his five-week basic military training and volunteered for a unit guarding the iron fence at the border with North Korea. According to Army insiders, the actor volunteered for the assignment on completing his basic training, but confirmation of the assignment will not come until the beginning of next week.

Perhaps he’s one of those who thinks war could never, ever break out between North and South Korea.

The article continues:

Usually, stars are assigned to the Defense Media Agency, an affiliate of the Defense Ministry, and put in charge of promotional activities or troop entertainment, but Won Bin requested something more challenging. “Won conscientiously took part in military drills and was treated no different to all other servicemen,” an Army source said.

This whole thing about assigning “stars” to special entertainment brigades seems incredibly odd. I thought that one of the goals of military discipline was to pound the individual out of the person until he or she is nothing but a compliant cog in the war machine. I don’t care how famous a person is… I just don’t see how working the song and dance circuit at military bases could possibly compensate for the ill will that kind of favoritism engenders among the grunts.



One Response to “Private Won”

  1. Brendon Carr said

    I thought that one of the goals of military discipline was to pound the individual out of the person until he or she is nothing but a compliant cog in the war machine.

    How ignorant you are of things military! The goal of military discipline is to reinforce the member’s individualism and individuality — while at the same time reorienting his or her self-concept to serve others (the team, the unit, the country) instead of the self. The US military prizes initiative and self-starting, so long as there can be confidence that due to training and discipline, the member knows what is the right thing to do.

    Good for Won Bin.

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