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The Return of Ha Ri-su

Posted by Brian on January 11, 2006

The manufactured-in-a-literal-sense star Ha Ri-su is poised to make a comeback:

The first Korean entertainer to come out as being transsexual, Ha Ri-su, is making a comeback in the local music scene with her fourth album, “Reaction.”

After acting in the Hong Kong film “Color Blossoms” and modeling for a Taiwanese underwear company for the past two years, Ha is getting back on her home stage to be reborn as a “real” singer.

As far as unnecessary comebacks go, Ha’s return to the spotlight is about as unwanted as the return of Motley Crue, The Monkeys, and cholera. Over the past few years I was able to stick the memory of Ha Ri-su into the furthest, darkest depths of my mind, but now it is all coming back to me. Curse you Ha and your diabolical entertainment agency!


One Response to “The Return of Ha Ri-su”

  1. craig said

    She is looking more manish as she ages. In 10 years…20 years… don’t want to know.

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