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Ten Commandments

Posted by Brian on January 24, 2006

The Chosun Ilbo has has a new article on 10 rules for men eager to keep their girlfriends at their side. Personally, I think such lists can be condensed into one rule – be a gentleman – but if I had to point out one big ommision, I’d say Cook Her Dinner should be o nthe list somewhere. Everytime I cook my girlfriend a meal, she always takes a minute or two to call up her favorite sister to brag about my kitchen skills. Even something as simple as pancakes for breakfast will rack up the points.

Want to impress a Korean woman? Make her a meal. That’s my advice…


2 Responses to “Ten Commandments”

  1. EFL Geek said

    I agree with the dinner thing. My wife’s cyworld is full of pictures of the different things I’ve cooked over the years.

  2. Joel said

    I thought it was something like don’t beat her in a drunken rage or try to cheat on her less with hookers at the company work party. Who knew it was as simple as cooking dinner?

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