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No Respect…

Posted by Brian on January 26, 2006

The bookies have the Seahawks listed as 4-point underdogs against the Steelers in the Super Bowl next month, providing further evidence of a bias against Seattle sports teams. The Seahawks are the #1-seeded team in the NFC and have the league’s MVP at running back. The Steelers, on the other hand, were seeded #6 in their conference. If it were Brett Favre and the Packers or Donovan McNabb and the Eagles playing against Pitt, the bookies would pick the Packers or the Eagles without a doubt.

I’m picking Seattle by 6.


4 Responses to “No Respect…”

  1. Dram_man said

    You’ll give me six points if I take the Steelers? Your on.

  2. Anthony said

    Yeh I want some of that action too.

  3. jimmy the greek said

    there is no bias in calculating lines, there is only profit.

    contrary to popular belief, the goal in setting a betting line is not to select the correct outcome of the game. the goal for bookmakers is to select a line that they believe the public will wager evenly on both sides of.

    if they set the line correctly, the book is able to take even money on both sides. they pay off the winners and keep the 10% vig. bookies don’t care if they are accurate and pittsburgh wins by 4. they only care that 50% of the public believes pittsburgh will win by 4 and the other 50% doesn’t.

    you’re also forgetting that pittsburgh, despite being the #6 seed going in, beat indianapolis. that in itself counts for far more in the mind of the public than the seachickens beating the carolina panthers.

    it’s a sharp line, despite your imaginary conspiracy theories. if it weren’t sharp, you’d see it drop to 2.5 immediately, which it didn’t. and if it does drop below 3, i will eat my own hat.

  4. GI Korea said

    Brian, you and Gardner in Korea need to hang out and watch the game because he is a big Seahawks fan as well.

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