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Feel Good Friday

Posted by Brian on January 27, 2006

It seems there is a good samaritan living in California:

A good Samaritan who turned in $7,000 he found in the parking lot of a Washington Mutual Bank in Van Nuys met the owner of the money Wednesday.

Hugo Salvarez reportedly lost $15,000 in the parking lot. Some of the money was returned, thanks to a man named Rogelio Leon.

“I open and see many, many money,” said Leon.

Rogelia may not be named Earl, but Leon knows all about karma. He said he learned it growing up in Peru.

“When I was a boy my mom would always say ‘You find anything on the floor, you need to return it,'” said Leon.

Leon found $7,000 in a black, zipper bag in the parking lot and never thought of keeping it. He gave it to the LAPD instead.

“There was some identification in the black bag. That identification led us to the person who lost this money,” said Detective Mike Kobontz, LAPD.

Salvarez is a 76-year-old man from Panorama City. He said he needed the money for surgery in Chile.

Leon did not receive one penny for his actions.


2 Responses to “Feel Good Friday”

  1. EFL Geek said

    I’m not sure why the reporter felt the need to state Leon did not receive one penny for his actions. Why should he get any money for doing the correct thing. I have returned large amounts of money (not that much) and never asked for nor expected any sort of reward. It’s just the right thing to do.

  2. Brian said

    We live in a cynical world these days… the writer must have felt that the fact that he didn’t receive any reward money was in itself newsworthy.

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