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Posted by Brian on February 2, 2006

The Korea Times is running a long article on a spate of rape cases around the country.

One of the rapists is known as the “Balbarie” rapist:

Translated literally, “Balbarie” means a spaniel, or a Pekingese dog. It’s a derogatory term used to describe a sex-crazed man who spends all his time chasing women.

But the levity the nickname implies has prompted protests from the Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center. “The comic connotation attached to the name may detract from the severity of the crimes, further humiliating the rape victims,” said Jeongha Kyoung-joo of Korea Women Link.

Police say the name was first used because of the ingenious ways the Daejeon rapist left the scene of his 110 crimes.

There is a famous comic book, “Memories of the Balbarie” featuring a character named the “Balbarie” who has a strong sexual desire and chases many, many women.

I don’t know… naming a rapist after a comic character seems like a pretty insensitive thing to do. What the hell were they thinking?

But it gets worse:

In another part of town, in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, a 38 year-old man was arrested on Tuesday suspected of raping 12 elementary school students on their way home.

The man approached the schoolchildren and told them “You have a package delivery”. He then took them to the basement of the apartment complex to commit the rapes. Police collected hair and sperm samples and sent them to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation for DNA analysis. The results matched the same suspect.

The rapist targeted schoolchildren who were too young to even understand that they were being raped. The parents of the victims were reluctant to report the rapes to the police because of concern about the child’s future reputation.

It’s troubling to think that these parents would rather let the perp get away with such a heinous crime than report it because of a fear of damaging their child’s “future reputation.” What kind of society are we living in where people would blame these poor kids for what happened to them when they were so young?


2 Responses to “Rape”

  1. I know of a woman who moved away from her family because they blamed her when her husband ran off with another woman, leaving her with three young children.

    Americans don’t have a corner on the jerk market, regardless of what some so-called “intellectuals” preach…

    We just happen to be willing (unlike certain “Workers’ Paradises” north of Seoul) to air our dirty laundry in public, in the hope that we can learn and improve ourselves…

    All we can do is try to lift up those around us, setting as good an example as we can; but there will always be those bestial vermin that ought to just be stuffed in a not-quite-airtight box full of rabid monkeys and tossed into the sea…

    Apologies to PETA for the harm that might cause to the monkeys…

  2. scott said

    Chatted about this very subject with a female Korean friend of mine. She blames the way the Korean police handle these kinds of complaints as the main reason why women and even parents of molested children do not come forward.

    I suspect rape in Korea is far more common than most people would like to admit. I found out just a few days ago that a Canadian friend of mine in Seoul was raped at knife point last year by some guy who broke into her house. She didn’t report it, and she is not a weak person. You just have to have a degree of trust in the system before you can be willing to put yourself through further pain and humliation.

    I think serial rapists and child molestors should never see the light of day again once caught, but in Korea and elsewhere that just isn’t happening. If, by chance, I ever catch someone in the act (especially with a child), I will see to it that in the ensuing struggle the bastard’s dick is accidently severed or mangled beyond repair. Zero tolerance.

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