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Super Bowl Half-time Report

Posted by Brian on February 6, 2006

  • Penalties are killing the Seahawks. Especially the bogus one that negated Jackson’s TD.
  • Personally, I don’t think the ball broke the plane on the first Steeler TD.
  • There’s nothing more pathetic than having the Rolling Stones do the half-time show. I mean, really… people still get worked up over these geezers? And speaking of bad music, I wasn’t too impressed with the National Anthem either.
  • That was some incredibly sloppy 2-minute football for the Hawks at the end of the half.
  • The Steelers are receiving the kick-off to start the second half. The Seahawks need to stop them cold to put an end to their momentum.
  • Some Hawk fans are already claiming the fix is in.
  • Go team!

UPDATE: When I mentioned stopping the Steelers cold on the opening drive of the second half, I didn’t mean letting them break a 75-yard run for a TD on the second play.


3 Responses to “Super Bowl Half-time Report”

  1. the bus said

    go steelers!!
    go hines ward MVP baby! 😉

  2. slim said

    Hines Ward was the MVP. Mercifully, he didn’t say anything about metal chopsticks in his speech!

  3. jimmy the greek said

    me thinks someone owes the oddsmakers an apology. in fact, they gave seattle TOO much respect.

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