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Super Bowl Wrap-up

Posted by Brian on February 6, 2006

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

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  • It seems that fans all around the league feel the refs did a horrible job. The Miami Herald already has an opinion piece on the subject.
  • The Chosun wasted no time at all making Hines Ward's MVP selection their top story. Football? Steelers? Super Bowl? Team game? Insignificant details that obscure what really matters: a Korean-American doing well. The game meant a lot to me, and the way the Korean press is using it as just another round of self-aggrandizement really ticks me off. It's more than that… much more.
  • Congrats to the Steelers. And congrats to the Seahawks for a great year.

4 Responses to “Super Bowl Wrap-up”

  1. Dram_man said

    Who’s your daddy! Pay the man!

  2. Brian said

    YEa well… be a man and take the refs out for dinner. You owe them…



  3. slim said

    I thought the refs deserved MVP — and I was rooting for Pittsburgh!

  4. GI Korea said

    The media needs to call them the Pittsburgh Stealers for now on.

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