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Feel Good Friday

Posted by Brian on February 10, 2006

Today’s Feel Good Friday story is an experience I myself had this past week.

Back in December, I sent out several Christmas cards to my family back in the states. For some odd reason, most of them didn’t get there, and one even came back to me here in Korea. Well, this week, I received a letter from some group that calls itself the Eastern Social Welfare Society group. Now, I had no idea why they would be writing me or where they could have found my work address, so I opened it quite inquisitively to see what was inside.

Well, it turned out that inside the envelope was another envelope – one of the cards I had sent to my family (my brother, to be exact). There was also a note explaining that for some reason, when the card was bounced back to Korea, it went to their office instead of my address here. Not realizing the mix-up, they went ahead and opened the card, only to discover what had happened. So, they taped up the envelope with my brother’s card, put that inside another envelope, and then mailed that envelope to me here at my office. Needless to say, I was quite impressed. Rather than taking a month-old Christmas card that obviously had zero value and trashing it, they went to all that effort to make sure that card got back to me (and let’s not forget the 220W stamp).

So for being so considerate and kind, I want to thank the organization. Their small gesture was the high point of my week. Thank you!


One Response to “Feel Good Friday”

  1. That’s the thing that endears us to Korea. In spite of the obvious problems, they’re generally really nice people.

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