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Looking good…

Posted by Brian on February 18, 2006

Hot bodies are everyehwere in Korea these days, with both men and women striking sexy poses that show off their well-developed physiques. With an eye on helping the rest of us look that good, the Chosun Ilbo is running an article on working out and looking good.

There’s some good advice, but nothing any dieter couldn’t find elsewhere. But I do have qualms with this paragraph:

Of course the results may differ from person to person, but if you work hard and steady enough, you’ll be ready to show your girlfriend a great chest in just five to six months. Yang warns there is no good in hurrying. Set an achievable goal. Work out with a trainer three to five times a week and learn the right postures and moves. Use the right amount of weights and start with the larger muscles and then slowly focus down to the smaller ones. Intensify your workouts gradually after you get well used to the exercise. And remember: always drink enough water and get plentiful sleep. These are the keys to getting faster and more effective results.

This is all well and good… but for most people, it’s hardly helpful. After all, how many people, especially here in Korea, have a schedule and the means that allows them to hit the gym 3-5 times a week, hire a private trainer, and “get plentiful sleep”? My GF is working 50+ hours a week. Where’s the luxury of free time to work on some killer abs?

I’m lucky because I do have the free time. I don’t have 6-pack abs quite yet (my GF says I have a 1-pack), but I started at 105 kg’s back in October and I’m now down to 97 kg’s.


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  1. Good luck on that!!

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