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No more Ohno!

Posted by Brian on February 27, 2006

Today in class, while talking about the Winter Olympics, a few students made some disparaging remarks about Ohno. Apparently, from what I’ve heard, he’s been accused of jumping the gun (Joel has the details here if you’re curious) at the start of a race. And you know, it made me angry.

Even after their compatriots threatened Ohno’s life and the Korean delegation nearly ruined the integrity of the Salt Lake games by threatening a boycott (only after finishing the short track events, of course), they still have to take shots at Ohno. As if he’s the one who should be apologizing to them…

Even with their short track team sweeping the short track events in Turino this year and further cementing themselves as the short track powerhouse, they still have to belittle his accomplishments.

Even after outdoing their own predictions this year and with two of their short track racers winning triple golds, they still have to rip into Ohno.

Even after finishing seventh overall and outperforming their rivals in China and Japan, they still have to accuse Ohno of cheating.

It just seemed like so much gratuitous negativity during a time when Koreans should be ecstatic over their team’s performance. Salt Lake City was four frickin years ago… isn’t time we moved on?

UPDATE: Party Pooper expresses a similar sentiment here. And here’s an article saying Ohno won “another gold medal of luck.” It’s unfortunate, but this Ohno bashing is a real reminder of what I don’t like about Korean people: the emotionalism, the pettiness, and the grudge-holding.

And this is a real classy graph. Would they do the same if they were o nthe bottom? 


3 Responses to “No more Ohno!”

  1. I think we should let our Korean friends enjoy their moment on the ice. I read somewhere that the Chinse have decided to make short track their event as well. With a talent poll of 1.3 billion (OK, 300 million – pesants don’t count) I think that they will be collecting many of those short track medals in 2010.

  2. slim said

    I blame shoddy Korean journalism for much of the mass bad behavior the nation engages in at times like these.

  3. GI Korea said

    Korean skaters have benefitted from calls from the officials before including during these Olympics; just like the 2002 World Cup Korea where Korea benefitted from calls from the officials. It is part of sports. Anyway the early flinch from Ohno I doubt is what caused him to win the race because he was so far ahead of everyone else. Plus the Korean skater finished third which means he wouldn’t have won a gold anyway. Just another excuse to America bash.

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