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The Miniskirt War

Posted by Brian on March 31, 2006

I'm usually a pretty peaceful guy, but the miniskirt war is a war I can get behind.


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Scarface – The Short Version

Posted by Brian on March 30, 2006

Funnies here.

"My name is Tony Montana; I am a political refugee from COOBA."

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Canadians in a nutshell

Posted by Brian on March 29, 2006

The Korea Herald brings you the hard-hitting news you can't find anywhere else:

An organization that promotes cultural understanding and brings together people from different nations is open for anyone in Seoul to join. Anyone that is, except Canadians.

In a classified ad in KScene, a free biweekly magazine, World Class describes itself as a group that "brings together all nationalities to discuss world issues and break down cultural barriers and prejudices."

Breaking down the prejudices, however, doesn't extend to all countries. "No Canadians please," the ad continues.

When contacted by a Korea Herald reporter by e-mail, the organizer of the group, Bernard Carleton, elaborated further, "The thing is, CANADIANS ARE SCUM! They are self-loving, welfare supporting, over taxing, work ethic hating scum!!! They are not welcome in our group."

Serious? Joking? You make the call!

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Does not compute

Posted by Brian on March 28, 2006

According to the Chosun Ilbo:

Cancer is Korea’s biggest killer, responsible for 25 percent of deaths. Its causes are still not fully known, its treatment too often remains a stab in the dark, but it is clear that a diet rich in kimchi and other traditional Korean dishes can be highly effective in preventing cancer.

Uuhhh… Korean food is effective at preventing cancer. Cancer is Korea's number one killer. Korean food is effective at preventing cancer. Cancer is Korea's number one killer.

Something seems amiss, but I can't put my finger on it.

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Stupidity at Lotte World

Posted by Brian on March 27, 2006

In the aftermath of the stampede at Lotte World that left 35 people injured, the Chosun (rightfully) pulls no punches:

The idea of granting free admission
to all comers in the wake of a safety accident is beyond comprehension.
Once an accident like that has happened, the first thing to do is study
how to prevent another, including a check of whether there were any
flaws in the facilities and whether staff were given proper safety
training. Instead, Lotte World threw open the gates, presumably in a
bid to attract publicity after a decline in business.

The idea of a week of free admission is stupid on so many levels that I don't know where to begin. For starters, I could have told them it would end up a total clusterf***. After all, even on an average day the situation is pretty sketchy, with huge lines and not enough
entrances to process everyone in an efficient manner. Turning it into a first-come, first-served free-for-all is perhaps the worst thing they could do.

And as a gesture of repentance ("We're sorry that guy died in our park; please come in for free") it's sorely lacking. How about improving the safety conditions and providing a better work environment for the workers? I know, it lacks a certain marketing wiz-bang quality, but such changes might save another life.

Someone at Lotte needs to lose their job over this.

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Posted by Brian on March 26, 2006

While gaming with four Canadians at my home this afternoon, they began talking about something called "ashphalt.' Not speaking Canuck-ese, this American was wondering if they were, in fact, speaking of asphalt, the stuff they use in road construction. It turns out that yes, that's what they meant. Apparently, it's one of the few differences between Canadian and American English, one which I was unaware of.

I also learned today that their country has its own holidays. Isn't that fascinating?

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My New Toy

Posted by Brian on March 25, 2006

Say hello to my new friend:

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It's my new MP3 player with 20 gigs of memory… that's something like 5,000 songs. I paid about 230,000W for it, which is quite the bargain considering I bought my first MP3 player a few years ago for 140,000W, and it had a pathetic 128 megs of memory.

It's an Iaudio M5L from Cowon, if you're curious. I recommend it highly if you're in the market for a MP3 player. 

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More on Hines Ward

Posted by Brian on March 24, 2006

Newsweek as a jumbo-sized story on Hines Ward.

The author of this piece actually contacted me several weeks ago with some questions on the Ward phenomenon in Korea. But alas, he didn’t use my quotes.

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