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Bound to happen…

Posted by Brian on March 21, 2006

Who couldn’t see this coming:

Korean amateur athletes are angry at the prompt exemption of Korea’s national pro baseball team from military service over their success at the World Baseball Classic. While the WBC team are to benefit from a blanket exemption for reaching only the semifinals, they say, amateur athletes that took gold medals at international championships have never received such privileges. Some now threaten the country’s second training boycott since 2002. Some 40 coaches of amateur athletes will meet this Friday to address the issue.

I’ve never liked the idea of special military exemptions for certain people. I’m of the mind that every person has his her special talents and each contributes to society in their own unique way. As a result, I find the idea of singling out certain people as worthy of exemption quite unfair to those whose own special skills don’t include throwing a fastball, running quickly, kicking balls, or hitting homers.

These other athletes have every right to be angry, as these exemptions are unfairly geared towards athletes in high-profile sports and ignore other athletes who work just as hard in their own area.

Anyway, regarding the WBC, Japan won it all today. Koreans I spoke to about it yesterday seemed to be of two minds regarding the outcome. On one hand, if Japan won, they could say they beat the top team two games out of three. But on the other hand, if Japan won, Japan won. Noticeably absent was any sort of “Pride of Asia” sentiment, a feeling that Koreans should cheer for Japan because they represented the east against the west.


One Response to “Bound to happen…”

  1. I have always said that if Elvis can go into the army, so can Kim Chul Su, or whoever else thinks they are special.

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