m a r k a n d e y a


Posted by Brian on March 26, 2006

While gaming with four Canadians at my home this afternoon, they began talking about something called "ashphalt.' Not speaking Canuck-ese, this American was wondering if they were, in fact, speaking of asphalt, the stuff they use in road construction. It turns out that yes, that's what they meant. Apparently, it's one of the few differences between Canadian and American English, one which I was unaware of.

I also learned today that their country has its own holidays. Isn't that fascinating?


2 Responses to “Asphalt”

  1. angus said

    canada also has four seasons.

  2. Nathan B. said

    Canadian English is kind odd in that it is a mixture of British English and American English. Many people say “you can use one or the other, as long as you’re consistent,” but in Canada that’s more problematic than elsewhere since the language is in a process of continuous change under the influence of US English. There are also regional differences within Canada, as there are within the US. I don’t get too hung up over the differences myself.

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