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Does not compute

Posted by Brian on March 28, 2006

According to the Chosun Ilbo:

Cancer is Korea’s biggest killer, responsible for 25 percent of deaths. Its causes are still not fully known, its treatment too often remains a stab in the dark, but it is clear that a diet rich in kimchi and other traditional Korean dishes can be highly effective in preventing cancer.

Uuhhh… Korean food is effective at preventing cancer. Cancer is Korea's number one killer. Korean food is effective at preventing cancer. Cancer is Korea's number one killer.

Something seems amiss, but I can't put my finger on it.


3 Responses to “Does not compute”

  1. TB said

    Here is another great example of the gimchi cheerleader squad.

    [The letters section for the Korean Times is fantastic as it has both the stupidest and most earnest contributors Korea (and the outside world) has to offer. (I particular like the ‘take no prisoner attitude some people seem to have)].

  2. Scott said

    Kimchi apparently assists in the prevention of gastrointestinal cancer, stomach cancer and other cancers related to the digestive system. My guess is that, based on lifestyle, most Koreans are dying from lung and liver cancer.

  3. There may be nothing wrong with this article except the lack of stats for comparison. If cancer is responsible for more than 25% of deaths in other countries, then kimchi might be helping (or, in comparing Canadian and American eating habits with Korean, maybe the reduced amount of red meat or higher amount of fish protein…). Yeah, there is a lot missing from the article.

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