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Butt out

Posted by Brian on April 14, 2006

As someone who has been forced to breathe more than his fair share of second-hand smoke that clouds up the sidewalk from all the smokers walking while puffing, I fully support any restrictions on sidewalk smoking… restrictions such as this one:

As people are getting more concerned about health and well-being, more and more municipal governments are joining efforts to reduce the smoking rate for the sake of their residents’ health.

Since the Songbuk district office in northern Seoul first introduced “a street without smoking’’ in a 250-meter-long zone in 2003 in an effort to stem the soaring smoking rate, especially among women and juvenile smokers, other district offices are following suit.

It is the first of its kind to adopt such an ordinance in the nation.

The Nomad comments.


One Response to “Butt out”

  1. scott said

    When this issue came up when I was with some Korean friends, one smoker complained, ‘if we can’t smoke on the streets, where can we smoke?’ To this I replied that we should make ‘Shame Holes’ every 100 meters on main streets. Smokers would have to crawl into these holes (I envision something connected with the sewers, just make some manholes accessible to the smoking public), smoke their cigarettes while trying not to get themselves covered with raw sewage, and then they can crawl back out and rejoin humanity. While they are battling the stench of the sewer, they can reflect on the fact they inflict a similar stench on those around them every time they light up in public. Also, when they emerge from the stinky darkness of the Shame Hole, hopefully some small children will witness the spectacle and shriek in fear, while young women avert their eyes and scurry away.

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