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So why wear it then?

Posted by Brian on April 23, 2006

Here's former Boby Vox singer turned "actress" Yoon Eun-hae at the Seoul Collection designer show the other day:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Could she look any more uncomfortable trying to look modest in that miniskirt? Maybe next time she'll just bring a large tarp to drape over her legs.

That's the problem when your manager chooses your outfit for you each day.

UPDATE: A couple of other points:

  • Ladies, if you're gonna wear short skirts – and I hope you do – guys are gonna try to catch a peek. We can't help it… it's like instinct. Now, if you're not comfortable with that, if you're gonna wear a short skirt but sit down like Yoon Eun-hae here with a look of utter discomfort on your face while trying to keep your lap hidden with all sorts of awkward techniques, then maybe you should stick to jeans. Think Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, she wore her short skirt with defiant abandon. Now that's sexy!
  • This picture is also an example of something I see from time to time with other celebs: the celebrity-sits-amongst-the-hoi-polloi-to-send-a-message shot. As is usually the case, the people around here are average Kim's wearing whatever they pulled out of their wardrobe that day. The celeb, however, is always, I repeat always, perfectly decked out. The last example I saw was of current pretty boy Lee Jun-gi at some sort of internet education conference. He looked to be sitting next to some college kid in jeans and a t-shirt while Lee was sporting his usual hairstyle, the one that probably takes 90 minutes to set up each day, and his usual accouterments of jewelery and snazzy clothes. Sure, I guess it's the nature of celebs to look good, but some of these events they're seen at don't always demand as such.
  • Seeing Yoon's discomfort reminds me of a class I taught last July, back when it was hot and humid as all hell. The girls in the class usually wore shorts and low-cut shirts – nothing too sexy, mind you – but after a few days of walking around the class and giving them help, I noticed they all started holding folders up to their chest, presumably to keep me from catching a glimpse under their shirt. I felt bad, to be honest, and spent most of the month sitting at the desk so as not too make them feel uncomfortable. Was I taking a peek? I don't think so, but it's hard not to see anything when you're standing over them like that.

One Response to “So why wear it then?”

  1. drhaisook said

    If she hadn’t had that tarp allover her lap, there wouldn’t have been any need for this article! :d

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