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There should be a law…

Posted by Brian on April 23, 2006

There's a new fad that is slowly taking over Korea. It's evil tendrils are reaching into every aspect of Korean life, negatively influencing the Korean youth in any number of ways. Yes, you probably do know what I'm speaking of: men youngsters using their arms to make heart shapes above their heads. There are even some cases where two men youngsters put their arms around each other – shudder – to make one giant heart.

We, as part of the society, need to put our foot down to this horrid display. Here is where I draw the line.


5 Responses to “There should be a law…”

  1. scott said

    Brian, not on of those things in those pictures could be classified as being men in any sense of the word.

  2. Pelagius said

    I believe the clinical anthropological terminology applied to this sort of display is “teh ghey”.

  3. drhaisook said

    Mmm.. You mean those guys are.. gays? Just for doing that? I don’t know, but it’s a funny trend though 😀

  4. scott said

    Yes, that’s exactly what we are saying. Any ‘man’ that does that for a photo is gay. If you have ever done it (or even just enjoy the music of groups like that), you are gay too.

  5. Max Watson said

    New fad? You’ve been here long enough to know this is many years, perhaps decades, old.

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