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Tooting my own horn

Posted by Brian on April 24, 2006

Yours truly made the Joongang Ilbo's weekly blog article not once, but twice, for my "No Candians Allowed" coverage and report on Rain's nomination for Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World. But alas, my URL is given with an extraneous hyphen (word-press.com) so clicks intended for my site are taken to the great beyond. Anyway, thanks to Ben for the plug.


4 Responses to “Tooting my own horn”

  1. Congradulations. I made it on there once myself. It must be worth 8, maybe 9 hits.

  2. […] Following a link from a post at Brian’s where he said he had been quoted in a JoongAng Daily article about blogs I discovered that I too had been quoted. […]

  3. EFL Geek said

    Congrats. I made it in the first in the series but they didn’t provide any links at that time. Wish they had an RSS feed for that feature as I would like to follow it but always forget to check.

  4. Applegate said

    Don’t expect too much on the RSS feed. Considering we don’t yet have paragraph-indenting technology, our Web site is not emerging from the stone age anytime soon. Heck I even offered to code a listings section myself (since if you haven’t noticed only a tiny fraction of the entertainment listings get put on the Web every week) only to be told we “don’t have access to SQL.” Yikes.

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