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Korea’s [Insert Name Here]

Posted by Brian on April 29, 2006

Everyone knows that you're not really someone special in Korea unless you are Korea's version of a more famous someone else. For example, Rain is Korea's Justin Timberlake.

After toying with Google for a bit, I put together this list you can print out and tape to your computer monitor in case you're ever confused keeping track of who's who:

And some others I've heard that Google doesn't have:

  • Korea's Gwyneth Paltrow: Kim Tae-hee
  • Korea's Jennifer Lopez: Lee Hyo-ri

Are there any others I'm missing?

There are currently vacancies for Korea's Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Nicholas Cage, and Jim Carrey. Apply within…


14 Responses to “Korea’s [Insert Name Here]”

  1. wanderer said

    According to today’s Joongang Ilbo:

    Drunken Tiger – Tupac Shakur & Notorious B.I.G. (they flawlessly combine aspects of American hip-hop culture and give it a distinctively Korean flavor)

    Fly to the Sky – Boyz II Men & Brian McKnight

    Se7en – Usher

    “It is unjust to claim that K-Pop is just an emulation of American, Japanese, or Jamaican music.”

    “Even though some of their music may be inspired by American rappers, Drunken Tiger has found its own niche, with member Tiger JK commenting, “What’s the point of following the popular trends from the [United] States?”‘
    (Exactly!!! What is the point????)

  2. partypooper said

    For the record, I am Korea’s Brad Pitt. I have heard from two separate people on two separate occasions that Brad and I bear a striking resemblance. That’s enough for me.

  3. Nomad said

    Crap, I guess I’m Korea’s Telly Savales or Yul Brynner then…with my shaved head, people are always telling me I look like either one of those two.

  4. Scott said


    Hit the weights and they’ll start calling you the Korean Vin Diesel. (Then again, maybe it’s already been claimed by 구준엽).

    I personally labeled Jewelry’s 서인영 as the Korean Christina Aguilera. We’ll see if it takes hold.

  5. I’ve been told by a lot of Korean’s that I look like Russell Crowe…


  6. slim said

    Who is the Bob Denver of Korea?

  7. Scott said

    Perhaps this guy?

  8. Pelagius said

    Wow – Lee Hyo-ri is four different people. Testimony to the inherent work ethic of the Korean people? Lazy American celebrities…

    Hey! I thought I was the Korean Brad Pitt! I’m also very handsome and strong… when I’m in Itaewon.

  9. Pelagius said

    PS – Korea doesn’t need a Korean Nicholas Cage ever since he married into das Vaterland

  10. Minseok said

    how the hell is lee hyo-ri korea’s scarlet johansson?
    she can’t act and her rack ain’t that large.

  11. Sickboy said

    Choi Ji-woo, the “Audrey Hepburn” of Korea.


  12. eattokyo said

    am just starting out… how do you enter the words and get them to act as links? Is it easy to do? Could you give me some pointers?

  13. […] (An added note: Stealing Borrowing an idea from Carthartidae, I do believe we’ve found “Korea’s Jolly Green Giant”.) […]

  14. […] You know how Koreans always have to compare some place or somebody to something overseas before it can become famous in Korea, such as BOA being Korea’s Britney Spears or Cheju being Korea’s Hawaii.  Well, now Brian over at Cathartidae has compiled a list of Who’s Who in Korea.  So now you will be able to keep all the Korea’s Backstreet Boys and Korea’s Justin Timberlakes straight.   […]

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