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World Cup Schedule

Posted by Brian on May 30, 2006

Accoridng to my calculations, the World Cup match schedule for the American team is as follows (using local Korean time):

  • U.S. vs. Czech – June 13th at 1am
  • U.S. vs. Italy – June 18th at 4am
  • U.S. vs. Ghana – June 22nd at 11pm

If someone can doublecheck this to make sure I'm right, please do.

I'll be cheering for the following teams:

  • England, because of my British friends
  • Australia, because of my Aussie friends
  • America, obviously
  • Korea, obviously
  • Mexico, because I love Mexican food

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Super Junior Expands

Posted by Brian on May 30, 2006

According to this article, the 12-boy super group Super Junior has bloated into a 13-boy super group. Wondering who this mysterious, and unlucky, 13th member is, I got on the phone to SM Entertainment and they answered my querry by sending me a new promo shot:

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Not sure who this new guy is, but he's obviously far more handsome and talented than the rest of the group combined.

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Posted by Brian on May 30, 2006

I just love the way the Korean media write this stuff:

Singer Seven received the Best Buzz Asia from Korea award at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2006 held at Yoyogi Stadium on Saturday.

Following Seven’s performance, Michael Jackson made a surprise appearance to receive the distinguished service award. His public appearance came one year after being acquitted of child molestation charges last year. He expressed gratitude to fans for trusting him.

Seven said at an interview that he was so excited to meet Michael Jackson. “I imitated him in my childhood and dreamed of becoming a singer. I was disappointed that I was unable to go to his Korean concert in 1996. I’m really happy to see him today,” the Korean singer said.

Inspired by the meeting with Michael Jackson, Seven gave a passionate performance and spellbound the audience. Although top singers from other countries such as Kelly Rowland and Koda Kumi presented performances, the most outstanding performer was the Korean singer.

Large firecrackers were set off only when Seven was singing and he was given an extraordinarily long performing time of five minutes to sing three songs.

With fans waving luminous rods shaped like the number 7, the symbol of the singer, it looked as if the concert was being held in Korea, not in Japan.

And my favorite part:

When the singer did a headstand and twisted his legs to form the shape of the number 7, some fans fainted and were taken to the hospital.

 I guess I might faint too if I saw a person twist his legs into the number seven. That's some Mr. Fantastic-type shit right there…

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The next time…

Posted by Brian on May 29, 2006

The next time my girlfriend complains about the messy state of my room, I'm gonna show her these pictures. That should shut her up:)

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Sending a message…

Posted by Brian on May 24, 2006

From the Korea Times, reporting on the man who attacked GNP leader Park Geun-hye:

Prosecutors are looking into financial transactions of an ex-convict arrested for attacking main opposition Grand National Party (GNP) leader Park Geun-hye in a bid to verify if anyone else was behind the incident.

Investigators suspect Ji Chung-ho, 50, who has lived on government aid since March, may have received money from someone as he was found to possess an expensive cell phone and had a substantial amount of cash at the time of detention.

Ji was put into jail Tuesday evening after the court issued an arrest warrant for him on charges of attempted murder and election law violation.

Let this serve as a notice to any other seomin out there who might be impudent enough to attack one of their overlords in the elite class: you will have the book thrown at you.

If he had really been trying to kill Park, he would have made the cut a few inches lower – on her neck rather than her face. He also would have used a real knife for maximum penetration rather than using a box cutter.

If he had cut up a yogurt ajumma in the street, he would pay a fine, apologize, and maybe do a few months in jail. And if any of the elite in Korea had made a similar attack on anyone of a lower station, you can laugh the case right out of court.

I remember some 3 years ago when a guy lit up a Daegu subway and killed 200 people… he was shipped off to a mental hospital… no jail time for him.

But hey, give a lifelong member of Korea's ruling class a major boo-boo, and it's attempted murder time. What a crock…

UPDATE: Commentators disagree, but Oranckay shares my cynicism.

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Is Kang Kum-sil a Republican?

Posted by Brian on May 19, 2006

Is Kang Kum-sil a Republican? Because if she isn't, she certainly sounds like one:

Her election campaign camp said in a statement that Kang is different from the former GNP lawmaker, who "drinks Starbucks coffee, enjoys the best-quality products and acts like a New Yorker."

What's next… a gratuitous Taxachusetts jab?

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Another one…

Posted by Brian on May 18, 2006

Meet Korea's Sharon Stone.

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I’m relieved…

Posted by Brian on May 18, 2006

There was a fire at Bae Yong-jun's house! Is he OK?

A fire broke out at Bae Yong-joon's house due to a short circuit. But fortunately, nobody was hurt as the house was empty at the time. Please rest assured.

Thank god for that; I can sleep easy tonight.

And it wouldn't be a complete and thorough BYJ article without reference to his stardom in Japan:

Meanwhile, this news has also been covered by major Japanese news media outlets, demonstrating Bae's popularity in Japan. The Japanese newspaper Sankei Sports carried a detailed story on the fire under the title "Fire Breaks Out at Yonsama's House." Yonsama is an honorific nickname of Bae Yong-joon used by the Japanese.

Notice that it's never enough to simply report that the Japanese media are covering Bae, they have to POINT OUT that such reporting demonstrates his popularity in Japan.

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