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What do you think of this shirt?

Posted by Brian on May 5, 2006

Specifically, the collar:

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Notice that the collar stands a little bit taller and rests over the collar of the jacket. And the points flare out across the suit collar.

Now personally, I think that look is quite stylish. In Ocean’s 11, where that pic is from, Brad Pitt wears several of these types of shirts and looks damn good in each and every one. It’s still a button down shirt and a suit, but it has a certain panache to it that I find appealing as a person who is eager to find stylish twists on the conservative and oh-so-boring suit. In fact, I liked it so much that I had my tailor make me a similar shirt and I wore it today for the first time for a date with my girlfriend. Mine was gray, and the suit I wore it with was a gray summer-ish cashmere/wool blend. I think I looked pretty damn sharp.

My girlfriend, on the other hand, gave me the thumbs down. She said I looked like I had just stepped out of 1983 with a look like that (which reminds me, that look was also quite popular in Scarface). She implored me to tuck the collar down, but I declined. “It just wouldn’t look right,” I said, “besides, Brad Pitt looked good dressed like this.” In response, she shook her head and sighed at my presumptuousness for thinking of comparing myself to Brad Pitt. 

So what’s your call? Yea or nay?


15 Responses to “What do you think of this shirt?”

  1. Shin Yoo said

    You know, to be fair, we need to see your picture too.

  2. Shin, just think of Russell Crowe in the same shirt…

  3. Nathan B. said

    I won’t comment on the picture, which I can’t see anyway on account of my eccentric firewall, but I will say that I prefer the green in the new template to the grey in the old one.

  4. Iceberg said

    C, you violated rule #11 in the “Man” handbook. Never, EVER, do anything to elicit comparisons of yourself to Brad Pitt.

    I remember watching “Troy” with my (ex-)girlfriend. On at least three occasions she gazed wistfully at Achilles and then looked at me, frowned, and shook her head. Lesson learned. Never take your girlfriend to a movie where Brad Pitt is half-naked.

    (The shirt looks good, by the way.)

  5. Ice,

    I wasn’t familiar with that rule… thanks for pointing it out. And I had the same problem at Troy as well…

    Nathan, thanks for the feedback.


  6. wanderer said

    I think that the problem may lie in your choice of color. Now, if the shirt had been pink with a mauve collar lining, that would have been the cat’s meow.

  7. Peter Kim said

    Hey Brian,

    Long time no see, hope yove been well…This obsession with fashion is shocking man. What ever happened to the old Brian who would sooner volunteer to be lynched than wear a tie?

    Anyways I dont think its a good look for a man…its more a point for womens wear since they dont wear ties and still need a focal point for the neck. The effect is not a special shirt, its just a british style spread collar shirt thats been starched and pushed out over the suit lapel. It messes up the lines of the suit jacket and looks girly. Hollywood fashion types can get away with it but definitly not a good look for an average guy.


  8. Good to hear from you, Pete.

    That’s the old Brian. I’m 34 now so I have to look and act more professional in my life.


  9. yak sox said

    I’d give it the thumbs up. Did you get another in a different colour? — a contrast between suit and shirt would be interesting.

    I like the Nick Cave shirt look – similar but not quite as flared

    Without sounding like I’m having a go at the locals, I think it’s funny that the ‘shiny grey’ suit is popular among the younger sallary men here – it’s got that touch of cheap mobster about it that makes me smile.

  10. santi said

    Good Day Mr. Cathartidae,

    Personally I think it looks good. I would wear something like that. Now, you’re only a couple years older than I and to tell you the truth my fashion is still stuck in the 90’s, which, ironically, still works. I’m not wearing Z Cavarici’s but I look like Joey from Friends. I’m not sure how up on fashion you are, but I could care less. If I feel good in it, I wear it. Here’s a tip I’m sure you’ve heard and I follow. Let your girlfriend pick out your clothes. She won’t mess you up. She wants to be seen with a well dressed man. I’ll admit some of the clothes my girlfriend picked out reminded me of “Queer eye for the straight guy,” but wait till you see the looks of other girls while your girlfriend is holding tightly to your arm and shooting dirty looks to the other girls. There’s nothing like the feeling when you mention that she did a good job while discreetly winking at another girl.

  11. Good advice, Santi.

    My GF does help me out… the only problem is that she prefers a more casual appearance – slacks, polo shirt, colorful sweaters, etc. – while I prefer a dressier look when I go out. She points to “Daniel Henny style” as her ideal.


  12. Sperwer said

    It ain;t a button down.

  13. Kevin Kim said


    I’d avoid soliciting sartorial advice from people I don’t know. At least one person will deliberately give you the wrong advice. Heh.

    Go for the big collar. The 70s look is always in.


  14. Kevin,

    Thanks for the go-ahead … I’ll go ahead and order 5 more similar shirts.

    BTW, the story you posted about regaridng the violent paraplegic reminded me fo this brutal revenge story. It’s only about 6 pages but a damn good read:



  15. Aren’t you in Korea, where people walk around wearing shower flip-flops?

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