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Stand aside…

Posted by Brian on May 9, 2006

There's a new boy band on the horizon:

A new male quintet will debut this fall to join other popular idol music groups such as TVXQ and SS501.

The news about this five-man group was released to the public for the first time on May 8. The group has been training for a year and a half under Kim Kwang-soo, the production executive of the entertainment agency, Poibos, who has supported the male group SG Wannabe and the female group SeeYa. The new group has been organized jointly by animation film director Cha Eun-taek, who has produced music video-style ads — "AniMotion" and "AniClub," famous visual director Kim Woo-ri, and photo artist Cho Se-hyun.

Oh boy… fresh meat!

Kim Kwang-soo said, "The new group will debut through a two-episode TV drama which we're going to produce along with director Cha Eun-taek in September and October this year with a budget of 5 billion won. We've already finished a script that has an atmosphere similar to that of Michael Jackson's 'Moonwalker' and the film '8 Mile.' We are now discussing this plan with TV networks."

With an atmosphere similar to "Moonwalker" and "8 Mile," consider me a fan already. I'm gonna make my daum cafe right now. But wait.. .what's the group's name?

The five members were chosen through auditions. The new group has not yet decided on its name. They are in the age group between 20 and 22. All of them look handsome and stand 181 to 188 cm tall. For more than a year, they have undergone "basic training," including acting for three hours, dancing for five hours and singing for four hours on average every day.

I should start a betting pool for what goofy name they'll come up with. Will it be a collection of letters (HOT, GOD), a word (Shinhwa), or a combination of letters and numbers (SS501, I-13)?

Kim added, "We're planning to continuously broadcast 25-second spot ads, reminiscent of 'AniMotion,' on terrestrial networks. The new group has one Japanese-Korean member as it is targeting the entire Asian market, including the Korean music market. We are resolved to make each of the five members a Rain in the future."

Just what the world needs… five more Rains.

And the kicker:

Kim also said, "We will train them as stars who can act, dance and sing excellently. Unlike other idol groups, the new group will also introduce reggae dance music just as singer Kim Kun-mo did with his song 'Excuse.'"

If this band of no-talent pretty boys covers a Bob Marley song I'm going postal on someone!

Here's what they look like. Aren't they distinct?

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3 Responses to “Stand aside…”

  1. Kevin Kim said

    I didn’t know Elijah Wood could speak Korean. Talented guy.


  2. Pelagius said

    Why do they even bother with names? Just call them “Boy Band 2006” and nest year’s “Boy Band 2007” etc.

    Seriously, can anyone recommend any good, genuine Korean music? I’ve found some of Han Dae-su’s stuff to be worth listening to.

  3. Minseok said

    god, kinda makes you wish for the good ol’ days when there were only the backstreet boys

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