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All men?

Posted by Brian on May 13, 2006

I'm sorry… but I have to call bullshit on this. From an article on contraceptive use in Korea:

But despite such improvements, a survey of Korean women’s perceptions about contraceptives last year showed that some 60 percent of respondents did not use any when they have sex. Organon, a pharmaceutical company, invited college students to join in a contest for best advertisement of its contraceptive products. Entries offered such prize-winning copy as, “At the age of 21, a man tells 21 lies…” They exhort women, in other words, not to believe their boyfriends when they say it’s fine not to use contraceptives or promise to take responsibility for the woman and the baby.

Surely, they can come up with a better concept that doesn't involve condemning every single man on the planet as a horndog who will say anything to get in a girl's pants. I don't say this that often… but really, I'm offended.


6 Responses to “All men?”

  1. dda said

    That’s because you’re a better man than the local average…

    Another problem Korean women have with contraception is taking chemicals to “tweak” their body’s functioning. Somehow, I find that hilarious, considering the fame of plastic surgery – including injections of Botox…

  2. Nathan B. said

    Hi Brian,

    I have a problem that I think you could help me with. May I ask you about it? I’m thinking of starting up a non-Korea related blog, and have signed up for a test account with WordPress. The problem is that when I try to view all the themes, the thumbnail images don’t display at all. I tried following the steps in the WordPress support document for “enable sending referrers,” the error message I received. Unfortunately, even after following the instructions (which appear to contain an error), and even after deleting all my cookies and clearing my browser history, I still cannot see the thumbnails. This means that if I want to see all the options, I have to go through manually, and set each theme as the theme for my website, one by one. Is there any solution to this that you know of? I’m using IE6. If you can spare a moment to help me out, I’d be quite grateful.

  3. Nathan,

    Not sure what to tell you… I’ve never had any problems viewing the pictures.


  4. Snowman said

    Maybe they could change the ad to say “At the age of 21, a Korean man tells 21 lies…Be smart, shag a foreigner.

    I enjoy your blog by the way!

  5. Nathan B. said

    Ah, thanks for trying, Brian. All the best,

  6. Pelagius said

    I’m surprised 40% of Korean women even know what contraceptives are.

    Brian – I recall your having to give a former classmate’s girlfriend advice on basic reproductive biology…

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