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Is Kang Kum-sil a Republican?

Posted by Brian on May 19, 2006

Is Kang Kum-sil a Republican? Because if she isn't, she certainly sounds like one:

Her election campaign camp said in a statement that Kang is different from the former GNP lawmaker, who "drinks Starbucks coffee, enjoys the best-quality products and acts like a New Yorker."

What's next… a gratuitous Taxachusetts jab?


2 Responses to “Is Kang Kum-sil a Republican?”

  1. […] In their race for Seoul mayor, GNP’s Oh Se-hoon and Uri Party’s Kang Kum-sil are working hard to connect with the proletariat (HT to Cathartidae): Even after the heated arguments in the studio, a seesaw battle of debates on somin continued with Kang, a former justice minister, taking the lead in attacking Oh’s posh image that “represents” Seoul’s rich Kangnam-gu area. […]

  2. I agree with you about the part about being a New Yorker (my home state), but the part “the best-quality products” sounds like something that might come from the other wing of the Republicrat Party.

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