m a r k a n d e y a


Posted by Brian on May 30, 2006

I just love the way the Korean media write this stuff:

Singer Seven received the Best Buzz Asia from Korea award at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2006 held at Yoyogi Stadium on Saturday.

Following Seven’s performance, Michael Jackson made a surprise appearance to receive the distinguished service award. His public appearance came one year after being acquitted of child molestation charges last year. He expressed gratitude to fans for trusting him.

Seven said at an interview that he was so excited to meet Michael Jackson. “I imitated him in my childhood and dreamed of becoming a singer. I was disappointed that I was unable to go to his Korean concert in 1996. I’m really happy to see him today,” the Korean singer said.

Inspired by the meeting with Michael Jackson, Seven gave a passionate performance and spellbound the audience. Although top singers from other countries such as Kelly Rowland and Koda Kumi presented performances, the most outstanding performer was the Korean singer.

Large firecrackers were set off only when Seven was singing and he was given an extraordinarily long performing time of five minutes to sing three songs.

With fans waving luminous rods shaped like the number 7, the symbol of the singer, it looked as if the concert was being held in Korea, not in Japan.

And my favorite part:

When the singer did a headstand and twisted his legs to form the shape of the number 7, some fans fainted and were taken to the hospital.

 I guess I might faint too if I saw a person twist his legs into the number seven. That's some Mr. Fantastic-type shit right there…


2 Responses to “Se7en”

  1. Nomad said

    ” guess I might faint too if I saw a person twist his legs into the number seven. That’s some Mr. Fantastic-type shit right there…”


  2. Jessica said

    All the hype aside, I think se7en is pretty talented after all… One of the few singers in Korea who can dance like a fanatic and sing live simultaneously..

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