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Super Junior Expands

Posted by Brian on May 30, 2006

According to this article, the 12-boy super group Super Junior has bloated into a 13-boy super group. Wondering who this mysterious, and unlucky, 13th member is, I got on the phone to SM Entertainment and they answered my querry by sending me a new promo shot:

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Not sure who this new guy is, but he's obviously far more handsome and talented than the rest of the group combined.


13 Responses to “Super Junior Expands”

  1. EFL Geek said

    That’s great – thanks for the laugh. I’m sure the 13th member will have some scatalogical comment to make on this post.

  2. Joel said

    That’s just cruel. Funny as hell, but cruel. I can only imagine what STD he will wish on you. 🙂

  3. Iceberg said

    At least they didn’t rename the group “Super-sized Junior”. 🙂

  4. Now, if he’ll just post his blood type, favorite food, year of birth, and ideal type of girl, we can make a proper profile for him.


  5. Het said

    The sad truth is that he is probslly the only one with any talent.

  6. Kevin Kim said

    Associated with a fookin’ boy band. Ball-shrinkingly embarrassing.

    Het: given that I have zero musical talent, that group must be in piss-poor shape.

    Iceberg: Super-sized Junior. It’s catchy.

    (By the way, Brian, that pic’s not to scale. I dwarf those girly men. They’re small enough to be my dental floss… or Oprah’s thong.)

    And before I forget, I think you’ll need these–

    Blood Type: 6.4
    Year of Birth: Year of the Polyp
    Ideal Type of Girl: Breathing (we’re not picky here), with a maximum of three breasts, buttocks, and toes (each)

    Hope that helps.


  7. super junior ^_^ said

    u all are so freekenn meen man dont say they got no talent….they got far more talent than u could ever wis for mann

  8. jane said

    actually you losers.the wannabe therteenth guy is the uglyist of the group and who ever thinks its funny .are losers and the group actually can sing unlike other motherfuckers alright.i bet all you niggas is crackers anyways .dont be doing to much cus thats sad.

  9. connie said

    haha thats right kyuhyun is the ugliest one he is now the youngest member not kibum anymore haha he finally gets someone to call him hyung hahah kibum!!~

  10. jenny said

    there are too many members in the group. adding one more is not a good idea. if they decide to
    add that member, they should choose a better on (more talented and handsome)

  11. Stella said

    Super junior so great…. not only handsomes but also goog singer. Especially lee dong hae.He is handsome…….

  12. Azn said

    Yo wtf?!?! r u talkin about those asian ppl are WAY!!!!! better that that white guy and u can even tell its cutted out

  13. Naoko said

    YO~ have you people got a grudje against superjunior??? you are totally reckless and probably no talents at all so back off what you’re saying about superjunior… They are TALENTED so don’t you dare critisize them…..

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