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World Cup Schedule

Posted by Brian on May 30, 2006

Accoridng to my calculations, the World Cup match schedule for the American team is as follows (using local Korean time):

  • U.S. vs. Czech – June 13th at 1am
  • U.S. vs. Italy – June 18th at 4am
  • U.S. vs. Ghana – June 22nd at 11pm

If someone can doublecheck this to make sure I'm right, please do.

I'll be cheering for the following teams:

  • England, because of my British friends
  • Australia, because of my Aussie friends
  • America, obviously
  • Korea, obviously
  • Mexico, because I love Mexican food

2 Responses to “World Cup Schedule”

  1. Iceberg said

    Enjoy the food, but don’t cheer for Mexico. You can be assured they won’t be cheering for us. That’s like a Red Sox fan cheering for the Yankees.

  2. I’m with Iceberg. If you want to see hate-filled match, watch the Americans and Mexicans play.

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