m a r k a n d e y a


Posted by Brian on June 14, 2006

As you can see, blogging has been a bit light and will continue to be for the next few weeks. The lack of posting is because I've cut off internet at home so I'm limited to blogging during my free time at work. Some random notes:

  • I hope to do some photoblogging during my 3-week trip to Thailand next month.
  • Upon returning to Seoul, it's right back to the airport for my flight back to Seattle. I'm scheduled to leave on the 26 of July.
  • I've been enjoying the World Cup so far, though the energy in the air doesn't come close to the way thing were 4 years ago. Has part of the festive spirit, my boss is letting us wear our team's soccer jerseys to work, so I'll be going to Dongdaemoon today to pick one up.
  • I hosted a poker night at my place over the weekend and raked in 25,000W. That's my lunch money for the week…

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