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Park “Hallryuwood Action” Ji-sung

Posted by Brian on June 15, 2006

It looks like Park Ji-sung has stolen a page out of Anton Ohno's playbook: "Hollywood Action":

"Why does he keep falling over like that?" people once asked of “foul king” Park Ji-sung. After being picked up by Manchester United, he was in the spotlight, but not always for positive reasons. Particularly in fights for the ball with the opposing team's defenders, Park often ended up on his back, which prompted some to think that he has weak fighting skills. But every time, Park said the same thing: "I think before I fall." It is a way of dealing with the other team’s adhesive defense or a rough tackle.

This tactic ended up laying the foundation for the Korean team's first win: seven fouls.

Of course, it's good tactics when Park does it.

Which reminds me, after the Korea-Togo game, they showed a montage of Korean players getting knocked around on the pitch by the opposing side. I didn't like this for a couple of reasons. First… it makes the other side look like a bunch of goons and the Korean side angelic in comparison. Second, soccer is a physical sport… so that the only way Korean players getting knocked around is significant is if it occurs more frequently than with other teams. Third, it reinforces the "Korea as victim" mentality that is prevalent here.

5 Responses to “Park “Hallryuwood Action” Ji-sung”

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  2. captbbq said

    I think it would have been better not to delete the troll comment, I was really hoping to write a defense in Korean explaining how this isn’t English Spectrum etc… just my 2 cents…

  3. Eunsoo said

    WTF….Where are my comments? So you don’t take any complaints, do you?

  4. partypooper said

    Would have liked to have seen Eunsoo’s comment. I’ve a feeling it would have been delightfully stupid and hypocritical. The only difference betwen Ohno and Ji-sung is that Ji-sung does it far more often. Sorry Korea, but your hypocrisy is showing once again.

  5. Anonymous said

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