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The Goal that wasn’t

Posted by Brian on June 20, 2006

Anyone else think France was robbed in the game against Korea? One Korean netizen doesn't think so and was kind enough to put up some vid caps to demonstrate:

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Looks like a goal to me… and the video footage looks even more damning. The goalie was a step back in the goal and reached back to pop the ball out. Not a goal?

Anyway, as I was reading about this non-call online, I stumbled across a recent article on the worst refereeing decisions in World Cup history. Korea is listed as the benificiary of two of them:

South Korea v Italy, 2002
All the attention was on Ecuadorian referee Byron Moreno after the match amid claims he was affected by the vociferous home support. After awarding a debatable fourth-minute penalty to Korea – which was saved – he then sent off Francesco Totti after showing him a second yellow card for diving despite the Italy playmaker appearing to have been tripped. Damiano Tomassi had a golden goal winner ruled out and the hosts snatched victory late on. Moreno was later removed from the FIFA list of match officials.

South Korea v Spain, 2002
Once again the co-hosts benefited from a large slice of luck after two Spain goals were disallowed and the Koreans went on to win their quarter-final on penalties. Just after half-time Kim Tae-young appeared to knock the ball into his own net from a Spanish free-kick only for the effort to be ruled out because of an 'offside' Fernando Morientes. Then in the second minute of extra-time Morientes had a header cancelled out when the assistant referee wrongly ruled the ball had crossed the line before Joaquin put in the cross.

But back to this World Cup, I'm not optimistic about Korea's chances to advance. France is more than likely going to win against the Togo team, meaning that both Switzerland and Korea need a win rather than a tie to ensure a spot among the final 16. The Swiss have been playing decent football, while Korea barely beat Togo and needed some fortuitous assistance from the ref to walk away from the France game with 1 point. I think the Swiss will outplay Korea, unfortunately.

Tonight at 4am is the England and Sweden game, a match I will gladly wake up early for.


5 Responses to “The Goal that wasn’t”

  1. blur said

    the photo he uses shows the ball either on its way in or on its way back out. it does not show the ball at its deepest point into the goal area. the video replays they showed repeatedly on ABC showed that Lee’s right arm (which he blocked the ball with) was behind his right leg, and the leg was a good 1-1.5 feet behind the goal line itself.

    i’m personally hoping that a similar play costs korea a spot in the next round. then we’ll see how many koreans back up the “well, if the ref didn’t see it, it’s not a goal” line of reasoning they’re suddenly so fond of.

    you can be sure that had this been a korean goal disallowed, the same guy above would be using different photos and different axis/angle work to prove that it was absolutely a goal. no question.

  2. partypooper said

    It certainly was not a goal, there were absolutely no bad referee calls in the Spain and Italy games, and ‘fan death’ is real. It’s the rest of the world that is blind and/or crazy, not Korea.

  3. Tom said

    it wasn’t the best call, but it was fair.
    and really, what are you talking about? korea simply needs to tie against the swiss to be in the next round. its not just the top team, but the top TWO teams, meaning a loss to the swiss, or to the french and korea is in. the points tally is currently korea 4 with 3 potential points to gain; the swiss with 4 with 3 potneial ; and france with 2 points with, again, 3 potential points. so korea actually has a fair chance to make it through. a drw with the swiss would give the 5 points making them second (assuming france wins with a HIGHER goal count). even if the swiss win, if france losses korea still has four points, france would have two, allowing korea into the next round.
    especially if you take into account how badly the swiss played against toga. it’s

  4. Charles said

    Tom: what are *you* talking about? Have you been watching the same World Cup as the rest of us? France is *not* going to lose to Togo–it’s just not going to happen. And all France has to do is beat Togo by more than one goal to edge out Korea in case of a draw with Switzerland. A two-goal victory guarantees them a spot in the Round of 16, and you can bet they are going to be playing their hearts out to get it.

    And the Swiss did not play badly against Togo. They were solid for the full 90 minutes and came away with a 2-0 win. How is that playing badly?

    Yes, technically it would still be possible for Korea to go through with a draw, but it relies on a fairly unlikely outcome between France and Togo. If Korea want to hold their own destiny in their hands, they need a win. Korea do not have a “fair chance” to go through with a draw, they in fact have a very poor chance of going through with a draw.

  5. Cy said

    I was forced at school to hang around on a muddy field whilst other boys kicked a little round thing and tried to make it go through a big square thing. I was told that, when some silly sausage “dribbled” the round thing past you, when you had wanted to have a go at kicking it yourself, just for something to do, since they were all doing it, it was against the “rules” to trip him up and kick him in the bum. A very silly game. No fun at all. I feel convinced that it is the same silly nonsense as you gentlemen are discussing here… I am glad that I am not as other people. I prefer riding a bicycle. Vive Le Tour De France. Sucks To Silly Soccer! cyquick.wordpress.com

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