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Posted by Brian on June 23, 2006

What is it with Korean entertainers and press conferences:

On Tuesday at around 5 p.m., 112 operators received a call from a woman who said she had been the victim of a mugging. It was Chung Ahn, the front woman of the duo Candyman who released a solo album last month.

However, police believe the singer fabricated the incident. The singer apparently failed to take into account the numerous security cameras in the area. A Suseo police officer said a look at footage from the CCTV cameras at Seolleung station and the near the building shows the singer walking by herself. Confronted with the evidence, the singer admitted she made the incident up.

At a press conference Friday, Chung Ahn apologized for the incident saying she was supposed to perform on a live radio show but she felt bad and not in good voice, so she just wanted to escape from the appearance. “I didn’t realize things would escalate like this,” she added. Determined to make the incident seem real, she entered the lavatory in a building in a quiet area, where she hit herself in the face and cut up her clothes with a knife.

In other words, third-tier Korean pop star (I had never heard of her) fabricates a story of being assaulted, gets busted for it, then feels the need to hold a press conference explaining her side of the story. Was their a boisterous uproar demanding an explanation that I wasn't aware of?

This case reminds me the dueling press conferences that took place when some celeb couple got divorced a few years ago (forgot their names, but I think it was a baseball player and an actress). One would hold a solo press conference, then the other would respond with another of their own, and back and forth it would go. After a few rounds of this, no one really gave a damn and the final press conference was given to a handfull of journalists (and a dog!). The ego of these people just astounds me…

And on top of getting punished for fabricating this incident, they should tack on a few months of jail time just for making that stupid heart symbol with her hands!

One Response to “Busted!”

  1. Minseok said

    You couldn’t tack on extra jail time for making a heart symbol with your hands. Korean jails wouldn’t be able to handle the sudden influx of inmates.

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