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Thailand Report, Day 3

Posted by Brian on July 7, 2006

I’m typing this at a small restaurant on Khaosan Road in Bangkok. A friend of mine who had visited Bangkok several times since I last came here in 2002 warned me that Khaosan was quite different now, but it seems like the same old place to me. There are a few upscale additions, but that’s about it. Even my old dive, the Classic Inn, is still here, and that’s where my girlfriend and I are staying while in town. It’s spartan and has a slight bug problem, but incredibly cheap, which is a priority for the both of us.

Some highlights from the trip so far:

  • Patbong is still Patbong, home to some of the hottest chicks on the face of the planet. Though going to a go-go bar with a girlfriend is quitedifferent from going to one by yourself. I, of course, only took her to one to demonstrate one element of Thai night life. It was purely instructional.
  • I got my hair shaved short…. #3 on an electronic shaver, if you’re familiar with that device. I’ve never had it this short before… I still have to take a second look when I pass by a window or mirror. I don’t even recognize myself.
  • After months of begging and cajoling from my girlfriend, I went in and had my back waxed. It was an hour of extreme pain and, considering the hair will come back eventually, hardly seems worth the money and agony. It’s the morning after and my back is still all red and hurting. My girlfriend wants me to get my chest and abs done too… not bloody well likely.
  • The food here has been uniformly excellent. I love the fresh-squeezed OJ and the coconut milk.
  • I was able to hook up with an old friend of mine that I used to work with in Korea. He’s in town for a few days on his way to Cambodia to teach English there. We ordered some drinks and played the gentleman’s game of Schnapsen.

Again… I hope to get some pictures up at some point.


2 Responses to “Thailand Report, Day 3”

  1. Damn I’m jealous. Hope you post some photos! How’s the food?

  2. Have a great trip and make it back safely!!

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