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Thailand Report, Day 4

Posted by Brian on July 8, 2006

The food here has been uniformly excellent. And I’m not just talking about the Thai dishes, but also some of the foreign dishes we’ve sampled while here. We had Italian twice and Indian once and it was all top-notch. In fact, to compare, I had Indian food in Itaewon the day before leaving and we paid $45 for a meal for three. A group of four of us had Indian last night and the total bill came to about half of the Itaewon price. So the food is not only good, but cheap.

Here’s a picture my girlfriend took at a nearby temple:

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She was a bit shocked when she noticed that there were no other similar signs in any other language nearby – I guess the powers-that-be felt Korean tourists were deserving of a special warning.

And here’s a funny t-shirt:

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Another good one I saw said: “When I become God, everyone dies.”

More later!


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