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Thailand Report, Day 11

Posted by Brian on July 15, 2006

Travel disaster strikes! Three times, even…

  1. Last week, on our last night in Bangkok before flying to Ko Samui five days ago, we took some of our clothing to a laundry guy for a wash, who said to come by at 8pm to pick it up. Now, I took this to me an that he’ll have the wash done by 8pm, and it would be OK to drop by at any time shortly after that to pick our stuff up… little did I know it meant pick it up exactly at 8pm, because he would be closing right then. So I arrived at about 8:20pm, but his shop was locked up. We asked a few people nearby what time he opened in the morning and were told that he opens at about 8 or 9am. The problem, however, was that our flight out of Bangkok was took off at 10:40, so we were left in a bind. We camped out in front of his place from about 7:30 to 9:30am but he never showed up… all we could do was leave a note asking him to please save our laundry until we came back on Bangkokl on the 21st. I even offered him 500baht for his trouble.
  2. Three days ago, on Ko Phanghan, I was teaching my girlfriend how to ride one of those autobikes that are easy to rent here in Thailand. The problem for complete newbies like my GF, however is that they can be a bit counter-intuitive at first: you pull back on the throttle to accelerate and push forward to slow down. With such a set-up it’s easy to get mixed up if you panic… I made similar mistakes in the past when I was learning. Anyway, my GF was on a straight road with no traffic whatsoever driving away from me when she panicked and ended up speeding up instead of slowing down… she went straight off the road into a clump of bamboo trees! It was a horrible scene for me to watch, obviously, as all I could do is run over there as fast as I could to see if she was hurt. When I got there, she was lieing on her back under the bike. I got the bike off of her and could see that she was covered in ants and had a deep cut on her cheek. After making sure she wasn’t even more seriouly injured, I got her up and out of the grass so I could check her out my carefully. Luckily, she had a few minor cuts and scratches on her body and the one on her cheek, but that was about it. Unfortunately, the bike suffered a lot of damage, though it was still driveable (minus one headlight). After some time to rest, I got her back on the bikle and took her to a local clinic. The doctor cleaned her up a bit, taped up the cut on her cheek, and assured us that the wounds were superficial. The damage to the bike was less superficial, though, and I I had to shell out about $300 to fix it. From my GF’s perspective, the worswt thing about it was that the cheek wound prevented her from doing any underwater swimmming… no snorkeling for five days.
  3. And the last event… good lord. What horror! NOw, when I’ve ridden a boat in the past, I usually get a little bit queasy, but I’ve never gotten out-and-out seasick. But on the boat from Phanghan to Tao, I started puking before we even lost sight of our point of origin and spent the next 90 minutes puking my guts out (literally… after throwing up every last bit of food in my stomach I started puking up blood). When I arrived, I was a total wreck, my throat was raw, and had to spend the rest of the day taking it very easy. I was also a bit pissed because the boat I thought  I was getting a ticket for (nice, modern, sleek) was not the boat we actually took (old, slow, dingy). We’re leaving here in two days and I plan on taking the high-speed catamaran… no matter how much it costs!

Other than those three unfortunate events, things are going fine.


5 Responses to “Thailand Report, Day 11”

  1. Nomad said

    Heh, sounds like you’re having a great old time.

  2. […] Frist we have Cathartidae…. Oops, it seems that he is dealing with disasters of his own during a trip to Thailand. […]

  3. We’ll start praying for you two!! Please make it back safely!!

  4. Pelagius said

    Puking your guts out? Now you know how those 90 pound girls who pound soju cocktails in Shinchon all night must feel.

  5. Lazy_Contractor said

    Actually your first mistake was taking your GIRLFRIEND to Thailand. You should have gone solo. Nothing a gainst her of course – but you would have had a lot more fun “alone”.

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