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Thailand Report, Day 16

Posted by Brian on July 20, 2006

Don’t get the wrong idea from the last message… yea, we’ve had a few problems, but the rest of the trip has been fantastic. Some of the high points:

  • A few days ago on Ko Tao we did our first real snorkeling… and it was amazing. Sure, in the past, I’ve put on goggles and seen the odd fish under water here and there, but where we were at was like some sort of Jaques Coustaeou documentary. I know “undersea kingdom” is a bit of a cliche, but it’s amazing what happens when you break the water and see the world below the waves. It was absolutely beautiful.
  •  Today was another good day. We’re on Samui again but this time we rented a jeep for the day so we could travel all over the island with in comfort. We dropped by the local animal shelter and played a bit with the dogs and cats. One dog in particular, a huge basset hound, caught my attention and was quite friendly to me. And in the cat room, we were practically mauled (in a friendly manner, of course), by a horde of cats, all eager for attention. We made a donation, of course, before leaving.
  • The food is still top-notch across the board. We had some great Italian for dinner tonight, followed up by a super-yummy sundae at a local ice cream parlor. Another great meal was at an odd little Indian resturant that was situated on a remote hill. It had sort of a treehouse vibe going. During the meal, we were joined by a cute kitten that had recently been dumped off in front of the place.
  • As I mentioned,  I shaved my hair short the other week. I alos dyed it just a few days ago… it’s not a bright blonde color. I wanted to get a tattoo to go with the new Brian, but my girlfriend dislikes my idea of getting a large, drastic tattoo done.

We have just a few more days to go… we’ll be arriving back in Seoul next Tuesday morning and then I fly back to the states the next day.


One Response to “Thailand Report, Day 16”

  1. Andy said

    I hope you get back tanned, rested and ready.

    On an unrelated note, do you want to joined a K-blogger fantasy football league?
    We have 8 of 12 places filled so far, including Dram Man and the Marmot.
    Let me know if you are interesting at andyinrok@lycos.com
    I will hold a place for you until I get a reply.

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