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Dumbest Promotion Ever

Posted by Brian on July 29, 2006

Courtesy of Bada’s management agency:

Eight years after her debut, the pop singer Bada is preparing to market her first solo concert, “Showman aLive,” with a novel twist. The concert will be held at Samseong-dong’s COEX convention center in Seoul on July 29, and the singer and her management plan to do their bit for the nation’s paltry birthrate by encouraging people to have children under the slogan “the happiness of manwon.” Concertgoers who have more than two children will be given a “manwon” or W10,000 note (US$1=W954), according to Network Live, the organizer of the concert.

As if a paltry 10,000W note is going to encourage more children…

If Bada is serious about increasing the birthrate, she can give me a call. I’m willing to do my part…


5 Responses to “Dumbest Promotion Ever”

  1. There is a play on words here: “manwon” also means “full up with people”, or “a full complement”. In other words, the W10,000 stands for more people.

  2. You’re right, Brendon. I failed to catch the pun. Thanks for bringing it up…


  3. The Damage Done looks interesting…thanks.

  4. partypooper said

    Bada should put her ovaries where her mouth is and have 4 kids.

    Ain’t gonna happen. She’ll have one child like everyone else and complain that the government should do something.

  5. Cockenstien said

    Wow what a stupid bitch. I hope she gets run over by an american tank. Manwon. Jesus christ, grow up.

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