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The show must go on….

Posted by Brian on August 28, 2006

A little something I found at the ESL Cafe…

Apparently, during a recent “live” music show on Korean TV, one of the back-up dancers for a new girl group collapsed into minor seizures during their “performance.” Did they stop the set so the poor girl could get help? Of course not… The DAT’s were running and not even an earthquake could stop the girls from bumping, grinding, and lip-synching on cue. They just went on with the show while the girl writhed about at their feet.


One Response to “The show must go on….”

  1. Cockenstien said

    Heartless bitches. I hope they all get run over by american tanks. I would sue those fuckers for anything i could if i were that poor girl. What a bunch of motherfuckers.

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