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Creative Panhandling Award

Posted by Brian on September 5, 2006

I saw a guy in downtown Seattle the other day begging for cash… the sign he was holding said:

Father killed by ninjas; need to pay for karate lessons to get revenge

Made me laugh for a moment… and then back to sadness because he was was yet another example of the increasing number of poor people I see living on the street. It’s much worse than it was 10 years ago…


3 Responses to “Creative Panhandling Award”

  1. Ams said

    I feel the same way when I’m down in Toronto. I never know what to do when I see them. I feel quite intimidated and yet I really want to reach out to them.

  2. GI Korea said

    Maybe I’m heartless, but I see these people and think that if they are not mentally ill because some homeless are, these people are just plain lazy. If an immigrant from Mexico who had to risk his life to cross the border than work for low wage jobs and learn a foreign language before being able to improve his lot and one day buy a home and educate his children is able to make a go of it in America I have no sympathy for people who have all the advantages of being an American and yet refuse to work.

    That is why I can’t demonize illegal immigrants because I actually think they are more American than these chumps I see on the side of the road asking for hand outs.

  3. Anthony said

    I’m working in social services at the moment. Almost all the homeless are either alcoholics, drug addicts, or have some kind of mental illness. You can give them money if you like, but I think you are better off giving it to charities where you know the money will be spent wisely.

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