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Too funny…

Posted by Brian on October 26, 2006

James Dobson’s group Family Research Council has released a report on members of the House of Representatives, ranking each member on how they voted on a seven different issues “affecting the family” (gay marriage, human cloning, etc).

Looking at the rankings, we see that wife, mother, and grandmother Nancy Pelosi of California is given a 0% score (I think that’s an F).

How do they score child predator Mark Foley from California? He gets a 42%. What’s with voting for the Marriage Protection Amendment, Senator Foley?

What about confirmed adulterer and alledged abuser Don Sherwood from Pennsylvania? He gets a whopping 85%.

Is there any shady behavior these people are not willing to overlook in their god-ordained pursuit for political power?


One Response to “Too funny…”

  1. Richardson said

    Just pointing out the obvious here, but it ranks on how they voted, not what they did.

    Of course your point is also obvious, too, but you’re using the wrong resource to do it.

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