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Kerry’s comments…

Posted by Brian on November 3, 2006

I’m really not sure what I find more appaling: the bogus indignation from the right over Kerry’s botched joke on Monday or the spineless response from Democrats who are unwilling to stand up for one of their own.

Personally, I agree with Chris Matthew’s take on it:

Let me ask you this, which was the dumb statement, the accidental blowing of a joke, because I think that‘s what happened here.  If you look at the context, he was going on a riff against Bush, not against guys who get drafted—which they don‘t get drafted anymore—and end up being cannon fodder.  There isn‘t any more draft, you don‘t get forced to join the military, you can drop out of every course, flunk every course in America and you still won‘t qualify for the military.  And you certainly aren‘t going to be forced to fight a war.  It couldn‘t possibly mean what the White House and the Republicans are saying it means, or the American Legion is saying it means.  So I don‘t understand this. 

He then went on to say that Kerry blew it by apologizing, which I also agree with.

Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that Kerry’s remarks were not meant to be a slam on American soldiers… they were meant as a slam on the president. And then, for the president, a man who should know more than anyone else that sometime when you open your mouth the words don’t come out right, has the gall to ignore context, ignore intent, and to tell Americans that John Kerry thinks American soldiers are idiots, it’s just ridiculous. When President Malaprop said, “They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we,” I don’t recall Democrats calling for Bush to apologize to the nation for “thinking of new ways to harm our country” (and indeed, they would look silly for doing so).  So the right-wing hypocrites, always quick to translate Bush’s remarks into English for the rest of us, get in line (with Michelle Malkin being the most OUTRAGED!!!, of course) to shake their fists in righteous indignation at this manufactured insult to our troops. It’s really a sad spectacle… watching all this fake outrage over such a trivial matter while things that do matter, such as the continuing collapse of Iraq, are put on the backburner by the so-called liberal media.

But then, for the Dems to cut-and-run from this challenge, it’s just so frustrating because the Democrats  never seem to learn how the right plays this game. Digby explains:

  • First, you have to be a phony hypocritical Republican. Democrats can never pull this off.
  • Second, you have to choose a comment that isn’t particularly heinous or is vaguely worded. You want the comment to not be particularly bad, for reasons that become obvious when you get to the endgame.
  • Third, being desperate to do your bidding because they’ve been a little bit harsh and are eager to get back in your good graces, you give the media tons of footage and sound-bites to work with.
  • Fourth you pump the story as hard as you can by demanding that other Democrats distance themselves from the remarks, which they begin to do slowly at first then pile on like a litter of puppies.
  • Fifth, you wear down the perpetrator (who has, remember, done nothing really wrong) until you get him to apologise.

And then after all this is said and done, you call all Democrats pussies because they aren’t stand-up guys. After all, they just bowed and scraped and apologised for a trivial comment they had no need to apologise for. Who can trust such weaklings to run the government?

What they should have done is have Kerry clarify his comments as needed and have every Democrat out there point out that all the hoopla from the right is nothing more than a diversionary tactic from a party eager to find some issue, any issue, that they can use to distract the voters from the things that matter, most of which the White House and the Republican-controlled congress have flubbed. They simply have nothing positive to run on.

But instead of that, we get Kerry grovelling and numerous Dems calling out Kerry on his comments. To paraphrase a line from The break-up, Band of Brothers, guys… check it out.

Bush’s botched war is far more of a threat to the safety and dignity of our troops than Kerry’s botched joke.


2 Responses to “Kerry’s comments…”

  1. Anthony said

    Kerry’s humour should be registered as an offensive weapon, but I have to conceed that dangerous and arrogant foreign policy is on balance worse for America.

  2. slim said

    You have a shockingly short memory when it comes to Democrats seizing on Bush’s malapropisms.

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