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Poker Night

Posted by Brian on November 14, 2006

I was playing some Texas Hold’em with the boys last night in Seattle, but it was the first time I had ever played “real” Hold’em using the blinds and the games other unique betting rules. In the past, we played a more casual game, with Texas and Omaha Hold’em one of many poker variants we tried as we went around the table.

Anyway, we’re playing small stakes so I can get a hang of it, and it comes down to me and one other player. I have 2 clubs in my hand and lo and behold, 3 more clubs hit the table, giving me a flush for that hand. At this point, the only thing that can beat me is a full house or a 4 of a kind (there was a low pair on the table), so I figure it’s not bloody well likely so I go, as they say, all in. My opponent matches my bet and we have our face off.

“Flush,” as I throw down my hand.

“Full house,” and a pair of Kings hits the table, matching up with a lone king from the flop.

<Insert expletives here> 

Game over.


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